Stop collabora/code container correctly

Hello together

I use collabora/code for my private Nextcloud installation. It works well.

The update also works well. I’m just doing that:

  1. docker pull collabora/code
  2. docker stop <container-name> && docker rm <container-name>
  3. docker run collabora/code <some options>

My problem is now: All documents that are open during the update will not be saved. Can I trigger it by hand somehow? For example, OnlyOffice solved that:

# Due to the operational characteristic, Document Server saves a document only
# after the document has been closed by all the users who edited it. To avoid data loss,
# you must forcefully disconnect the Document Server users when you need to stop
# Document Server in cases of the application update, server reboot etc.
docker exec onlyoffice
docker stop onlyoffice

Is this also possible with Collabora? If not, how do you solve it?


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