Stop Android client from syncing a specific file?

Is it possible to stop a client, specifically the Android client, from syncing a specific file, even if that file is inside a synced folder?

In other words, is there an exclusion list?

Further info:
On Android I keep the MoonReader “Books” folder synced, since it has all my books and notes; inside that folder there’s a .MoonReader folder and inside that there’s a .cp2 file.

This file is only modified on the Android device - nothing else touches it - and yet every single time it gets modified by MoonReader and the client uploads it, it triggers a sync conflict.

I am trying to do this via File Access Control.

(Although, come tho think of it, blocking is really NOT a solution, because I don’t really want to block this file: I just want to sync properly without constant imaginary conflicts)

  • Created a custom MIMEType for .cp2
  • Added a Flow that blocks that MIMEType

Now I am still receiving tons of useless notifications, only they don’t say “sync conflict” anymore, they say “upload failed”.