Stock Debian for ARM as a base OS for NCP?

Thoughts on using the stock Debian for ARM ( as the base OS for NCP? Don’t see any issues, but wanted to see if I missed something.

Unfortunately Armbian has changed their support mode for unmaintained Board and no longer makes downloadable images if the board is not supported. (Not complaining, I completely understand). I am looking for a nice, downloadable image so I don’t have to build my own.

Yes, excellent question. @ZendaiOwl has done this.

Got a link to the discontinued boards?

None are really “discontinued”, but OS images are no longer being generated automatically unless there is a board maintainer. There is a list of board status somewhere on their website. Let me see if I can find it.

Here is the images I’ve been building with to use as a base for NCP :slight_smile:

I haven’t had much time over for this lately though as I’m very busy with University at the moment and work … sadly