Still don't have Nextcloud 12 in the stable channel


I’m still on Nextcloud 11, I’m looking frequently if version 12 is proposed in the stable channel (in the admin page), but it isn’t.

I’ve heard that it takes time until the recent release really gets into the stable channel, but it’s bee almost two months now, I’m wondering if maybe I might have a problem on my server?


I had the same problem. It’s easy to solve: when you change the update channel from “stable” to “beta”, you will be notified about NC 12. When you upgrade, you can change it back to “stable”.

:phew: where to start?
what about: search-function is your friend? :wink:

it would tell you that due to some problems in a 3rd-party-piece of sh… errrr software delivery of NC 12.0.0 to stable-channel was stopped. problems should be solved with NC 12.0.1

and take a look here to find who soon it’s gonna come - the FAQ about when will 12.0.1 be released… ;o)
–> [FAQ] When will 12.0.1 be released?

hope that’ll help a bit :wink:

I wanted to clear out first that I did search before creating this new thread and did read a few answers, but most were a bit old, some was saying that it would have been fixed two weeks ago. I wanted to start a new thread with a clear title and a clear answer, so that others would not have to dive into the dozens of false-positives during their searches.

Anyhow, thanks for the clear answer, it really helped :wink:

Following your link, I think that the most “to-the-point” link would be this one:
Once it will get to 0 opened issues, then 12.0.1 will start to roll out in the world.

The only update I had was for 11.0.3 to 11.0.4, but no sign of an update to 12.0.x (on the stable channel), although the 12.0.2 milestone is closed for about a month now.

I understand why the upgrades to 12 are done gradually, @jospoortvliet told that the upgrades were stalled until a bug was fixed in the next milestone, the 12.0.2. But, as I said, 12.0.2 has been out for a month now and, yet again, I still don’t know if I simply didn’t receive the upgrade yet or if the upgrades are stalled because of another bug.

This situation is very frustrating. It would be nice to find a solution for that, just simply a web page were I could simply understand what’s happening instead of browsing the web for an answer no one knows exactly where.

I’ve just seen that I can force the update without changing the channel by running "cd updater && php updater.phar as web server user". I’ll do that, so I won’t be in this situation anymore.


EDIT: it does not work…

Nextcloud Updater - version: v11.0.3-7-g1a53e5c

Current version is 11.0.4.

No update available.

Nothing to do.

12.0.3 is now in RC:

If this release has no serious issues found after about a week after its release we will start to enable the updater and all 11 systems will get an update notification, incrementally of course.

You can help test!

Same here. Also tried running the updater manually but got stuck at 11.0.4

@Creak @anmith

you could always go the alternative way of doing the update manually. but be sure there is a reason for devs to not rolling it out, yet.

That’s actually the root of the problem. It’s very difficult to find why a released version is not officially released. It’s advertised in the main page as the stable release, but not in the admin page. It’s weird.

Yes! Just got the upgrade for 12.0.3!
Thanks guys!