"Stay logged in" missing

After my first installation there was a checkbox on the login formular with “stay logged in”. But this checkbox is disappeared. How can i get this back?

Look here the first blue box.

Some apps like files_external or encryption will disable the Stay logged in checkbox.

Maybe that’s it.

I had both activated and deactivated them now, but the box didn’t come back. Is there anything i can check on database level or some other setting?

No, then you have more apps which disable it. Can you post the list of your enabled apps?

Sure. Activity, Calendar, Collaborative tags, Comments, Contacts, Deleted files and ahhhh… i tought, i had disabled this, but it is enabled… hmmm External storage support 1.0.2. I have now deactivated “External storage support” and not only disabled it and now the Checkbox is back. Many thx.