Status of the OnlyOffice "Community Document Server"

OnlyOffice comes in two flavours:

The connector by Ascensio to use a “real” OnlyOffice document server in Docker or as a regular setup on a Linux server:

This usually works fine when the server is set up correctly.

The other version is the “Community Document Server” by the Nextcloud team which runs in Nextcloud itself and does not require any additional software:

So the latter one seems to be the better choice to get started as it comes out of the box with “Nextcloud Hub” - right? Well - no :frowning:

Since the very first release of the “Community Document Server” there are many reports of data loss since the OnlyOffice document server running inside nextcloud seems not to work properly. See this issue in Github which is now nearly one year(!) old and still not solved(!):

Eventhough I understand the motiviation to get something like OnlyOffice running out of the box without any complicate server installation - at it’s current status this app will cause more harm than it will help users.

Since no one seems to care about the Github issue any longer - what is the status of this? Is there anything one can do to help here?


The one that comes “out of the box” with Nextcloud for quite some time now, is this one: Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

Nextcloud seems to have distanced themselfs from the cooperation with Onlyoffice quite a bit, or at least it is no longer promoted so actively. The focus seems to be more on the cooperation with Collabora again, which I think is a good thing. imho they should remove the OnlyOffice community server from the appstore, if they can’t or don’t want to actively maintain it anymore.

While I think OnlyOffice is quite a good product in terms of interface and functionality, the way Ascensio System SIA acted regarding the community server and generally the whole open core model of OnlyOffice, are rather not.

I know the history of this cooperation and I am also well aware of the issues of using “open core” instead of full open source. I also learned, that now Collabora is the solution which comes with “Nextcloud Hub” (The central hub of your digital life – Nextcloud).

However - complaining about the negative consequences of open core does not help here. If the app is still offered, people expect it to work without losing data. If this is not possible, the app should either be fixed or removed. But keeping it as it is does not help anyone but only leaves the impression that either OnlyOffice as a product can not be used in Nextcloud properly, which is not true or that the people developing apps for Nextcloud are ignorant, which is also not true.

I agree with you. That’s why I said they should remove the app from the AppStore. Or at least it should be classified as “beta” with a clear warning. Why neither has been done, I don’t know either. Apparently they haven’t completely abandoned it…

Well you’ve also half-answered the “why”; the first (standalone server) is maintained by Ascension, the Community version si maintained by…well, community, you and me.

This does not answer your question about “what is the status of this” but answers the “anything one can do to help here” : a Pull Request, or patience that someone, one day, fixes it. For free. :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course you are absolutely right. Regardless, this app should not remain in the Appstore until this bug is fixed. At least not without a warning

Another debate, but i agree.

The “community” can not change the app store entry - this can only be done by the maintainer. If he happens to read here as well: please add a clear indication that this app should not be used for any production setup and is more a proof of concept as long as Edits and changes made in Onlyoffice are not synced into Nextcloud · Issue #100 · nextcloud/documentserver_community · GitHub is not solved, thank you!

Hi, you can create a PR with the requested words by editing the description here documentserver_community/info.xml at master · nextcloud/documentserver_community · GitHub and maybe also adding it to the file documentserver_community/ at master · nextcloud/documentserver_community · GitHub

You are forgetting that Nextcloud has a enterprise “wing”…
Since I believe OnlyOffice is better tech than other non-MS office software,
I think it is marketed to paying customers and rightfully so.