Status of Nextcloud community

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i always thought that Inc. is the english form of a german GmbH… that’s why. :thinking::yum:

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Mja, you can translate it like that I suppose, they are comparable, but technically an Inc does function under different rules and jurisdiction than a GmbH, so it’s complicated and not really correct to just translate these things between countries.

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Hey Jos,

Thanks for your kind response. :slight_smile:

What you write makes perfect sense, and it is, frankly, what I expect to a certain extent. Still, I disagree with that management decision regarding not spending money on documentation, but I think that’s okay (the disagreement, that is) :wink:

However, I think it’s probably not about paying a single person to do “documentation”, but to introduce a way of documenting code that can be fun for (core-)developers as well and can help them along the way to be even more productive, as well as helping community developers to catch up. There certainly is a way, and that is exactly, where I’d wish for some input from a professional in that area.

Perhaps a few engineers can sit with you, help you with your app AND work together to create some nice documentation for the next person who comes to figure things out.

I probably won’t be able to join the community week, but I’m already thrilled about the next conference, where we can do exactly the same stuff :blush: