Status of certain apps (fulltext search, contacts, community document server)?

I use Nextcloud on multiple servers, provide support for the Keepass integration (GitHub - jhass/nextcloud-keeweb: Integrate Keeweb into Nextcloud), created a Netdata plugin (GitHub - arnowelzel/netdata-nextcloud: A plugin for netdata to monitor Nextcloud servers) and wrote a number of articles explaining how to use certain features of Nextcloud (most in German but some also in English: posts about Nextcloud (German), posts about Nextcloud (English).

On March 2022 I reported a problem with using the fulltext search in the desktop client (see Desktop client does not open entries for full text search · Issue #153 · nextcloud/files_fulltextsearch · GitHub and Result entries for fulltext search can not be opened · Issue #4330 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub). So far nothing happend at all. The issue still remains.

On April 2022 I suggested a change for the Contacts app (see Improve the layout of the contacts app with single column list view and other changes · Issue #2699 · nextcloud/contacts · GitHub). Except a comment about renaming the issue to avoid misunderstandings nothing happened at all. Only a reference to an even much older issue from November 2020(!) was added (Design review · Issue #1923 · nextcloud/contacts · GitHub).

The issue with the “Community Document Server” from 2020(!) seems also to be completely ignored (Edits and changes made in Onlyoffice are not synced into Nextcloud · Issue #100 · nextcloud/documentserver_community · GitHub). I already learned that OnlyOffice is low priority as it may not even survive the current political situation - but nevertheless, someone should decide what to do with the app and not just let it be as it is. Either delete or add a clearly visible notice about its status at Community Document Server - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud. My suggesion for that from 2021(!) (Update application info. by arnowelzel · Pull Request #219 · nextcloud/documentserver_community · GitHub) was completely ignored so far - not even a word why the change was not done yet or that someone decided to keep the app for specific reasons.

So I wonder, what is going on here. At least someone could check new issues and decide what to do with them. Just not doing anything at all will only create dozens or hundrets of open issues which will never be solved and makes it very hard for new contributors to decide what to work on first.