State of nextcloud backend storage solutions - files on demand from other providers

The virtual files feature has made me look at my nextcloud installation again and I wanted to see if people has working solutions for:

  • Onedrive
  • Dropbox
  • Google drive

Preferably where they can, in turn, work as files on demand, so you could have multiple Tb storages on a nextcloud installation with <100gb disk. All then served to the client in a ‘files on demand way’

What I’m really looking for here is to unify all kinds of bits of storage I have with one front end.

Happy to look at other solutions - I may look at doing some of that on the client with rclone but that layer of abstration on the server would be helpful so save setup locally when rebuilding machines.
Perhaps rclone on the nextcloud server - though I’m not sure how this would work in terms of adding the files to the db without downloading them

Apologies as suspect this gets asked a bit but I’ve just spend a while looking through a graveyard of old implementations.

Many thanks