State of encryption in NC19?

Hey everyone,

with NC18, I used the default encryption module and the privacy screen showed by that my files are protection by the default encryption module.

With NC19, it seems as if the files aren’t encrypted anymore and I may just check the state of “Disk Encryption” - is this just a wrong kind of displaying the status or doesn’t the module work with NC19 yet?

./occ encryption:status shows that encryption is enabled though…

Thanks for any hints on that and best regards,


You have to activate this in the settings and need the appropriate app to do so.

I did not have this “bug” after the upgrade in my productive environments.

Hey Mark,

the module was activated already in the previous version and is still so in NC 19, should be another issue.

Thanks for your response!


I think it is only a display problem. You also can look in the filesystem for files stored with NC18 and new files stored with NC19.

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Indeed it seems as if it is a display problem, the files are encrypted on file system level. Thanks for the thoughts!