Starting from scratch again

Hi guys,

here is my problem…
I was installing Nextcloud on an Unraid server some weeks back but I had an issue with it and I had to wipe my appdata folder with all in it.
Today I started the installation again but apparently something is wrong since, every time I try to reinstall everything I get an error like the following:

Username is invalid because files already exist for this user

I tried to change the username, the password and I also tried to reinstall everything again and again…
same problem. Any clue?


I am also having the same problem. It would be good to have a work around.

could you define “fresh install”?

if you delete the data folder, the config/config.php and drop the database you should be fine.

Thanks for your reply. Could you explain what you mean by drop the database? I think I understand which folders you are suggesting I delete.

at some point of the installation you connected to your database management system (mariadb/mysql/postgresql) and you created a nextcloud database. the command was most likely CREATE DATABASE nextcloud;

the command to delete this database (for ever!) is DROP DATABASE nextcloud

if you use sqlite you have to delete the sqlite file. (can’t tell you where you find that. but it should be in same folder where you installed nextcloud.)

That is excellent and helpful information. I’ve had this issue a few times so now I’ll know what to do if it ever happens again.