Stange behavior with firefox under linux

I try to use memories ( souvenirs in french) looks good for me because i want to see in the directories the picture instead of a list af file

I have created link and only with firefox ,V 117.0 but also later 114.x i can’t see the link, firefox change l’URL

the url is " "

and under firefox i got that " "
I have test with firefox on windows and it is OK , edge on windows OK and opera on my linux OK also !!

have you an idea ?


I’d say the behavior you’re describing is perfectly normal. The regular URL that is shown in the address bar while you’re logged in to your instance can only be used, well, while you’re logged in. If you want to be able to access an album or folder without being logged in, you need to use the public share link: (the link with the “…/s/…” in the URL), otherwise you will be redirected to the login page, which is intended behavior.

The following example link does only work if you are logged in:

The following example, a Public Share Link, works for everybody that has the link, no matter if the person using the link is logged in or not:

hello @bb77

Nice answer , thank’s a lot
the man in charge of memories ?? said il will be correct this in the next release

best regards

edit I have take a rule, i don’t know if it is good but i created two links
one for photos et the second for memories