Stale connections to Collabora documents?

I set up the built-in CODE server in my NC instance (version: 21.0.2). I noticed that if reload the page or jump to another URL while editing a spreadsheet concurrently with my colleagues and then come back to editing the document, my user is listed multiple times in the list of connected users (i.e. the icons near the share icon on top-right). This does not happen when closing the document with the x button and then coming back, so it looks somewhat like if I don’t exit “properly” then the next time I come in to edit the document the system see me as a new user, and my old connection to the document is still alive but stale.
Does this make sense (my phrasing for sure does not, but I hope you understood the issue)? Is this intended behavior a bug, or a misconfiguration of my instance?
Thanks in advance for any help you might provide.