Stable10 branched of in the server repo

This is mostly important for app developers, but I’m posting in dev because other stuff might need adjustment too.

We branched of stable10 from master last night, since our next release will be Nextcloud 10.

  • If you run your unit tests against multiple versions, make sure to add stable10 as well.
  • If you want to maintain special branches for each server branch (like I do), now is the time to do it. Afterwards you might need to adjust the CORE_BRANCH if you are using our travis template. For an example see:

I’m automatically doing that for all apps I know they need it:

The second step is to increase at least the second digit of the app version in master, to be able to trigger updates for shipped in the maintenance updates:
You should do this for your app aswell, when it is bundled or uses one app version per server branch.

Poke me if I missed anything important.