Stable update channel does not provide major versions, how do I deal with it?

I have NC16 witha a “stable” update channel selected, which is supposed to offer updates for major verions. And it obviously does not:


It has never offered me NC17, and I missed it completely, by waiting and believing in “slow rollout” tactics.
Now It is obviously time to go for NC18, and I’m looking for advice.

  1. I should probably already go for manual update, right?
  2. I’m running it on Ubuntu server 18.04, and of course I cannot remember if I used Snap, apt-get or other way to install it (definitely not docker). Does it matter, and if yes, how do I find out what I used?
  3. Is it a good idea to upgrade directly from 16 to 18? Or is it safer togo to 17 first, thus doing two updates?
  4. The information in this update channel selector is clearly misleading. Should I report this is as a bug?

Just to be on the safe side (because of the screenshot), you did update to the latest minor and check again afterwards, right?

No, this time I did not, but I did upgrade to minor versions two or three times before, once after NC18 was out. It obviously does not affect the issue.
It is a working environment, each update brings some risk to it, and I prefer to limit that a little.

AFAIK Nextcloud does not offer you the next major update if you have not updated to the latest minor version, which is 16.0.9 ATM. So you need to do that first.

If you are not offered an update to the next major version afterwards (17.0.4), try to switch to the beta channel and see if an update is offered there (no need to install it, just to test it).

You need to at least refresh the browser window for the update check. I’m not sure how this is handled, maybe the cron job is triggering it, so wait up to 15 minutes?

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ugh, probably I was impatient. After updating to 16.09, NC17 appeared.
Thanks, and I probably can delete this thread?

As you like, you could also mark it as solved. Someone else might run into this, too.

no. pls don’t delete it as it might be for some interest for other users.

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I have got the same problem. Nextcloud is up-to-date, I am on the stable channel but I don’t get Nextcloud 19 offered:
Screenshot_2020-08-13 Einstellungen - Steffen's Cloud

@kaffeeringe this question has been asked too often on the forum already (and it appears again and again with every new version)

pls: go and search the forum before posting. thank you.

in short: switch to beta-channel, wait a while and NC 19.0.1. should be offered (check if it’s the right version), install it and don’t forget to switch back. i mean: if you can’t wait.

Make sure you meet all requirements for the new version ahead of updating as well as doing a backup.

good luck

NB: Thread closed now