Stability of Nextcloud and add-ons

I’ve been following the development of Nextcloud for a year and would like to switch it on at the company where I work to replace Dropbox
I can’t figure out if it’s worth moving.
It’s hard to figure out which version of Nextcloud is stable and which version has more stable add-ons. Many add-ons even included into the core Nextcloud such as calendar, mail, contacts are marked as unstable. Nextcloud version gets updated more often than developers have time to tweak their modules.

Sorry i am not a programmer of Nextcloud apps.

But I think you are wrong in your assumption. There is both the evolution of the apps and the stable versions. In the example I am using Nextcloud 24.0.6 and I have the stable version of the app “Calendar” and no possibility to get the beta versions.

My installation of app Calendar:

(3.5.1 and not 3.5.0.rc.1)

Part of

(3.5.1 > 3.5.0-rc.1 ???!!!???)

You can buy a Managed Nextcloud in the internet for a few euros a month. Please test with an small installation (e.g. test data). I think this is the best way to use Nextcloud in the future.

The development of Nextcloud is very fast. You will have to make a release update about every half year. You cannot skip a release. But you don’t have to use all the apps.

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Usually there are at least 2 stable and maintained versions of NC at the same time. Right now that is: NC 25.0.0 and NC 24.0.6.
It’s a bit like with other Open Source projects (e.g. LibreOffice), the smaller mainversion is meant to be for conservative users the one with the higher main number is meant for users wanting to be on the latest Dev-level with always the newest features.

If your company wants to change to NC (great idea, especially if you want to be owner of your own data) you better should be sure about the features that you want/ need for your daily business.
If you know about that we could try to tell you if it was possible and how these apps are maintained.

One word about fair-use of NC. Of course you can install NC for free even for a company. But you’re all on yourself with that. To be on the safe side, especially in case of problems, it would be fair is youd decide for professional support for your company. Which would, on the other hand, feed the devs and keep the whole project running.