SSO: SimpleSAMLphp as Identity Provider


I would like to use the SSO & SAML authentication app. Because I am using shared hosting I am limited to script languages like PHP, Python (2), Ruby, etc. Therefore I think SimpleSAMLphp is the identity provider to use (but I am open for other suggestions).

Is there anyone who has experience with SimpleSAMLphp and can point to problems I might face?

And: I guess I will get things wrong, so: Is there an easy way to disable the SSO @ SAML authentication app in case something went wrong or do I have to reinstall nextcloud every time?

Thanks for your help!


I’m with exactly the same expierencie and I’m looking for a solution :slight_smile:



If you need to disable the user_saml app when something goes wrong, and you have command line access to your nextcloud server, you can use occ app:disable user_saml.