SSL initialization failed (happens not all of the time)

I deployed Nextcloud 20.04 with Docker and have a problem with the Android app (auto upload feature). I get the already known “Upload failed” with the message “SSL initialization failed”.

I searched for it in this board (and Google of course) but it seems like this is a different issue because it does not happen all the time. Most (or all) of the file uploads work but sometimes I get the mentioned failure.

Unfortunately, I cannot figure out which files are affected because this is the initial upload of all existing media files.

Do you have any idea how to figure this out? Thanks a lot for your effort!

Edit: The notification does not pop up anymore after removing my Nextcloud account from the app and then logging in again.
It pops up again after removing the auto upload folder on the server-side, removing and recreating my account in the app and configuring the auto upload folder again. As before, the files seem to get uploaded anyway - really weird!


Same here. Really, really weird.

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Thank you! Removing my account from the app and adding it back solved this for me… At least for now