SSL Error with Lets-Encrypt (open in internal network)


i have the Hyper-V Image from Nextcloud buy and install.
all works fine, but will i connect a client internal, so we get an error and open it via browser, the error will see as:
NET::ERR_CERT_AUTH… see attachment please
if i connect the cloud outsite the office, will work all perfect, what is to do?

regards simon


Looks like the certificate expired. You need a new one. Do you use a different URL from inside your network? Letsencrypt provides a terminal script to renew your certificate. Is the one you are using the default one of this image or did you already create your own?

hi, i have create my own SSL-Cert.
internal and external i will use the same URL to load the cloud.
the Cert will not be expiered at the moment, 17 December 17.
what can i do

well the cert that you posted above is definitly expired.

yes, this is my problem, the nextcloud is install last month, so i will have a rigth cert.
Who show this wrong cert? is there an error in the VM?