SSL Error in Sync With IOs14.2 - Nextcloud 20.0.2

i recently installed a nextcloud 20.x on an Apache server in a subfolder
i’m trying to sync it by caldav account on IOs 14.2 (Ipad Pro and Iphone)
i read and followed more than 5 different guide/tips here and there but i’m continuing facing the error “Cannot connect via SSL”.

i tryed almost every combination of

i tryed both user and email as username

i changed password with one with no special char

i added the redirection lines to the main root .htacces for the .well-known query

i checked my ssl and it’s ok

i checked the time zone in the nextcloud calendar settings

i disabled nginx

i checked firewall

on android i connected two different sync app with no problem

The error is always the same: cant connect with SSL, then i try without, but no way…
i donnow what to check now…

Any tips?

Thank you very much!

Use a web browser to access the Nextcloud web gui and check if
a) a connection is possible and the login screen is shown.
b) a certificate error is displayed.

On Browser it’s all working correctly, SSL and login, and i have access to the WebDav interface that display me:

This is the WebDAV interface. It can only be accessed by WebDAV clients such as the Nextcloud desktop sync client.

and also the nextcloud client on IOs had no problems!

Hi, I have the same problem as a user of a Nextcloud service provider. It used to sync with my iPhone, but it does not work any more. I have disconnected my account, and now when I try to reconnect I get the SSL error. Whereas it works from MasOS.

I hate to drudge up a year-old post but I see there was no answer and your post reflects my issue perfectly. Using iOS 15.4 at the time of this writing, have tried numerous server addresses, have tried app and account passwords, my ssl works, my .well-known links work, I am truly at a loss. I was able to sync up with iOS on my old phone, but for some reason this new one just will not accept anything. Does anyone have any suggestions?