SSL Certificate with docker

Hey guys,
so I have:

  • A Raspberry pi running Libreelec + Kodi
  • Inside this, the docker addon with Nextcloud running on port 3141
  • a working redirect. So I can successfully connect to my Nextcloud via but I get a SSL warning. Only mildly annoying but in those cases where I want to share something with a friend I have to explain why that’s happening and that they shouldn’t worry etc.

Here’s what I havened figured out yet:

  • Is there actually any advantage to using this custom port securitywise? Probably not really, right?
  • How do I install a working SSL certificate for all this?
    (There are tons of How-Tos but usually not for something inside docker)

Thanks for any help!


easy answer: you buy one and use docker run ... -v /local/path/to/cert:/docker/path/to/cert ...

real answer: first we need to know: the docker addon with Nextcloud ← what is that?