Ssl certificate problem (newbie)

Hey guys im new to nextcloud , but ive pointed domain to my pc , but im still not able to acquire ssl certificate . Please help

The internet does not know your name:

Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

can you please help me with it …im too new to this

Ok. I think you use a DynDNS-service.
What is the name of the DynDNS-service? Where do you register your dyndns?
What is your name (domain name/host) at the DynDNS-service?
You also need port-forwarding from the internet to your server (port 80 and 443).

ive not register for dyndns service …but ive got my domain form cloud dns and it perfectly points to my pc

also ive static ip address

host has address

Does not work, too.
You must use a internet address not locally.

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where should i use it please im too new …

In your screenshot is a error in your domain. Compare both names.
But it also not works.

Lets Encrypt needs a domain which can be reached from the internet.

is a local ip address and not routed in the internet.

static world wide ip address?
If yes set

to the world wide static ip address.

so now what should I do to get ssl certificate ???

Answer my question. Do you have a public static ip address.
If you are not sure you can send me in a private message with the ip address.

do you use discord ??? i cant send my internet properties online

also how can i send you private messg on this platform