SSL certificate - Google TLD .dev HTTPS required (ncpi)



I have installed NextCloud via NCPI on my pi 4. I bought a .dev domain at google domains. It needs a ssl-certificate in order to work. if i want to forward my domain to my ip (dyndns), I still need a SSL certificate?! due to secured namespace .dev tld needs https. how can i actually install this for my server when it runs nextcloud? i’ll probably use let’s encrypt (i don’t want to spend big bucks on this).

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Using letsencrypt is in my opinion quite easy with certbot. Best have a look onto certbots page for your specific server and os. The instructions there are quite easy to follow, i think.
And in my opinion, to have a clean setup, use certbot with certonlycommand and configure your server manually with mozilla ssl configurator, just like stated on nextcloud’s administration docs. :wink:

EDIT: Seems like i was a bit too fast, sorry. I actually never used the ncpi image. But just having a look into their docs, there are instructions for certbot, too! :wink:



The solution is to use the NextCloudPi Panel: Go to letsencrypt, put whatever domain points to your ip there and your email, certbot will handle anything

I didn’t know much about SSL and certificates but using certbot is in fact very easy.