SSL and Apps noobish problem

I have installed 12.0.2 in a shared web host. I have a SSL cert installed, which is working.

When I try to enable an app, I get this error message:

“cURL error 77: Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?)”

What should I do?

Does your uploaded cert contain a full chain, cross-signed if required?

Tbh I don’t know. There is a “domain.crt” file and a “”. Would those be them?

Probably OK,

Can you restart Apache? service httpd restart or service apache2 restart
Try it again.

I can’t. When I log trough SSH I’m in jail. The SSL is working in nextcloud and other webs on the same domain. I got that error when I try to enable any app.

Sure I read that. I understand however that updating Apache and not restarting can cause this. Maybe.