SSD and HDD Connection

Dear Nextcloud Experts,

We have 50 users at office and I decided to test Nextcloud for file share applications.
Based on the forum topics, I decided to use SSD for Nextcloud server in order to get performance and HDD for data storage. Both will be at the same server.
My question is, what kind of configuration you can suggest me in order to reach data at HDD from the Nextcloud server which located at SSD.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @Kvusal ,

This is so basic that the question arises what should be unclear about it?
Is this the first server you set up? Do you have Linux knowledge?

Normally, the basic operating system is installed on the ssd along with Nextcloud and the HDD is mounted at a point like /data and a folder inside of that then should be integrated as /data-Directory in Nextloud.

it’s that simple

Hope that helps,
much luck!



May not be a good idea, especially in office environment where time is money.

HDD Read / Write speeds, specially I/O latency will cause major bottleneck in your actual performance when 50 users are accessing the server simultaneously.

If you are from any western country, SSD prices are now similar to HDD. Especially with simple SATA Based SSDs, so better to be all SSD server, unless your files are in several TB’s of size.