SQLite conversion to MariaDB inconvertible tables

Dear all I am not sure if this is right place for this topic, but I try it.
I am trying convert my SQLite database to MariaDB.
So I was going according this manual
There are mentioned some Inconvertible tables which should be ignored, but in my case I have all different tables regarding to app Radio and PhoneSync. (see bellow)
For me is interesting only Radio because I am this using, but I do not know why is there PhoneSync because after this command I removed app PhoneSync from my nextcloud.

My question is can I continue in conversion database when is got this warning? Will work me Radio app (or PhoneSync) when I will continue with the conversion in MariaDB? Or what I should to do fix this warning?

What is the database password?
Creating schema in new database
The following tables will not be converted:
Continue with the conversion (y/n)? [n]

For other users I post my experience.
So I tried continue with the conversion. Before that I checked all these tables in database only few row was in table oc_radio_stations.
So I continue and Radio app is fine working with all preferences like before in SQLite now in MariaDB.