Spreedme/webrtc (NC 11) possible at shared hosting?

Hi everyone,

i was very happy when i read about the news of NC 11 today. I’m using NC on an shared hosting and it performs very well. But I only using normal data sharing and “normal” functions. Now I just want to ask, if it is possible to use the spreedme / webrtc app on a shared hosting? About an older version I read that it used docker but about the new version I read it works only with PHP?
I hope someone of you can help me :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Spreed.ME requires you to install another software (Spreed WebRTC). This will most likely not work if you run on a shared host. Spreed.ME has a lot of features besides plain audio & video conferencing, e.g. chat, screensharing, presentations, etc.

Spreed video calls on the other hand should work right out of the box. It currently only has support for audio & video conferences.

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Thanks for your reply. It sounds good and I think I will ask my hoster when Nextcloud 11 is official released and on the normal update branch.
I hope it will work and i can use it as an alternative to skype video calls :slight_smile: