Spreedme. Protect rooms. PIN Code?

I really like it.

But it feels like there is no way to protect my room from that other NC user. If they know name of room they can join.
Also I think it should be some other default room instead of Main. As in that case any one who wil push Spreed.me will be dropped into Main room by default.
Great if it wil drop by default into room with name same as user name for example.

Just my thoughts guys.
Thank you

Room PIN-protection has been added to spreed-webrtc in version 0.29.0.

Great if it wil drop by default into room with name same as user name for example.

That should already be the case.

I have 0.3.8 and there is no anything like PIN.
Only “Generate Temp Password”. Which is not actually the PIN. As I understand that is more for external non NC user.
I actually mean something like simple pin to enter for NC users when join conference.
And by the way that “Temp Password” not easy to manage. No way to drop it if created by mistake. Expire date not really comfortable parameter in that case. I think it is good to have PIN option just while room is created.

And for default room.
Yes it is there under users’s settings.
But corp wide it good to have something globally. Like a macros. Meaning on NC global layer I can define not static name for default conference room. But something like value default-spreed-me-room=%user_login%.

Already meet the cases wen users came to room “Main” where already meeting going :smiley:

Sure that can be managed by conf creator. But always good to have something that can protect from human factor.
I saw “PIN Code” thing on Spreed.me site itself. You can lock and unlock room any time.

Thanks for answering man.

This exact feature is available in spreed-webrtc as well.
Either clone the develop branch or download one of the 0.29.0+ releases.

It is there in webrtc code but not available on NC UI.