Spreed standalone signaling server is using janus for Screen Sharing?

Hi, I try to use the Spreed standalone signaling server, but the screen sharing is not working.
To better understand where to search issues, I like to now if the signaling is using the Janus for screen sharing or other libraries.


Screensharing is handled in the exact same way as videos.
But screensharing is more resource heavy and it could very much be that you have a lot of packages lost when trying to do the screenshare.

If you like experiments, open your browsers console (F12 in Firefox and Chrome, for others google) and execute the following code:

OCA.Talk.SimpleWebRTC.webrtc.peers.forEach(peer => {
	peer.pc.getStats().then(stats => {
		for (stat of stats.values()) {
			if (typeof stat.totalRoundTripTime === 'number') {
            			console.log('RTT:' + ((stat.totalRoundTripTime / stat.responsesReceived) * 1000))
			if (typeof stat.packetsLost === 'number') {
            			console.log('Packets lost:' + stat.packetsLost)

It will tell you if the lost packages are the problem.

Thx for code.
I try to execute it copying in the browser console and ctrl-enter to execute, but the console return me an
ReferenceError: OCA is not defined

Are you using the latest Talk version?

The APP is 9.0.1 on NextCloud 19.0.0