Spreed signaling server not connecting

I’m trying to get the nextcloud signaling server running with docker compose. The containers are starting and I can configure STUN-Server, TURN-Server and Signaling-Server in my nextcloud,
When I try to start a connection, the log gets filled with:

spreedbackend_1  | 2020-12-08 20:19:48.669760 I | client.go:252: Client from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx has RTT of 4 ms (4.587029ms)
spreedbackend_1  | 2020-12-08 20:19:49.710979 I | client.go:252: Client from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx has RTT of 5 ms (5.709927ms)

But I can’t establish a connection.

In the logs, there is a warning:

janus_1          | [WARN] Janus is deployed on a private address ( but you didn't specify any STUN server! Expect trouble if this is supposed to work over the internet and not just in a LAN...

I don’t know, if that’s ok, since all containers are on the same machine.

Another thing may be port forwarding. My server is behind a router/firewall (fritz-box), and I have forwarded following ports:

FORW TCP 80 80 "HTTP-Server"
FORW TCP 443 443 "HTTPS-Server"
FORW UDP 3478 3478 "Coturn listening port plain UDP"
FORW TCP 3478 3478 "Coturn listening port plainTCP"
FORW UDP 5349 5349 "Coturn listening port TLS UDP"
FORW TCP 5349 5349 "Coturn listening port TLS TCP"
FORW UDP 49152-49300 49152-49300 "Coturn UDP"
FORW TCP 20000-20250 20000-20250 "Janus1"
FORW UDP 20000-20250 20000-20250 "Janus2"

I have also running an nginx-reverse-proxy running which redirects http/https to

I am quite unsure, which ports I need to open, especially for janus, Nextcloud Talk was working without signaling server, but also with coturn.

Thanks for any advice, Stefan

Well it’s about the users, not the location of your servers. So if it doesn’t work, this is why.

Ok, does anybody know how to configure the deployment address for janus. Is it possible in the server.conf file? And which ports have to be forwarded?

Just readd the default stun server that is pre configured in Nextcloud.

Where can I add the stun server?

Ok, so I added a volumes section to janus in the docker-compose.yml:

      - ./janus.conf.d:/usr/local/etc/janus

I copied the config-files in that folder and modified the file janus.jcfg:

media: {
  rtp_port_range = "20000-20250"
nat: {
  stun_server = "xxx.xxx.xx"
  stun_port = 3478
  nice_debug = false

  turn_server = "xxx.xxx.xx"
  turn_port - 3478

  ice_igrore_list = "vmnet"

Now the warning has gone, but I still can not establish a connection with talk.

Any help is appreciated.