Spreed Signaling Server - Monitoring multiple Backends?


I recently setup a new high performance backend server for nextcloud. It is working fine so far. In /etc/signaling/server.conf i have configured multiple backends which is working fine too. However i am trying to find a way to monitor how many users are currently using a special backend, is there a easy way to archive this?

best case would be a intregration into something like grafana to monitor the usage of each backend and the server itself.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

In case someone stumbels on this post:

Since Version 0.4.0 of the signaling Server there is a “metrics-backend” within the signaling server which can be access by “https://yourbackend.tld/standalone-signaling/metrics”. Where a whole lot of statistics of the server and backends is shown.

More Information can be found here: