Spreed.me with SSL / Apache Proxy

Hi All -

Any help welcome. I have Spreed.me installed and working. I am using native HTTPS and Let’s Encrypt certs.
With that on the local network I am able to access the Spreed.me server (Ubuntu 16.04 / Apache) using https://www.somesite.com:8443 No issues here.

Configuring Nextcloud also works with providing this information in the apps section such that:
SPREED_WEBRTC_ORIGIN: https://www.somesite.com:8443

I’m trying to proxy this in a subfolder (https://www.somesite.com/webrtc) without losing the native SSL and so incoming Nextcloud URL (https://www.somesite.com) can be used and not have to expose additional ports. I’ve tried what the doc’s show based on the example of, yet to no luck. (Ref: https://github.com/strukturag/nextcloud-spreedme/blob/master/doc/example-config-apache.md)

Has anyone managed to use a proxy with https? If so any config sharing for the /webrtc setup would be appreciated.

I believe all necessary modules are active and loaded. I am proxying a different application using wss without issue.
FWIW using the documented approach without https works as expected.

Many thanks.

Hi @mets_web,

what exactly doesn’t work?
Can you please post your Apache config?
Did you unset SPREED_WEBRTC_ORIGIN when switching to the default https port?