Spreed Me webRTC master file verification fails

The problem is more likely a warning that i want to make it disapear. The one with file signing verification fails.

The only files not signed and verified are the ones in the folder spreedme-webrtc-master, which according to various tutorials i placed it in the root folder of my nextcloud instalation. It is a subdomain so its exactly the root of the subdomain so i cant go down one level coz i m in public_html. Or can I and correct the settings in the proper files with the absolute server path? This can be a problem? if i move this folder outside public_html?

Or maybe i can cancel the nexcloud message with the warning informing me that the files are not signed since i know its about spreed and of course it cant be signed since we are talking about binary linux files and stuff?

Please advice…the warning message is annoying!