Spreed.ME Update to 0.2.0


update to Spreed.ME 0.2.0 works, but it seems to overwrite

So after upgrade you have to restore the old files or
cd /var/www/owncloud/apps/spreedme/config
Go to the nextcloud spreedme app configuration foldercp config.php.in config.php
Create the config file from the default filenano config.php
Edit the config file and make these modifications:Set SPREED_WEBRTC_BASEPATH to /webrtc/: const SPREED_WEBRTC_BASEPATH = ‘/webrtc/’;Set SPREED_WEBRTC_SHAREDSECRET to the shared secret you generated for the Spreed.ME server configuration above: const SPREED_WEBRTC_SHAREDSECRET = ‘bb04fb058e2d7fd19c5bdaa129e7883195f73a9c49414a7eXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’;You can choose to modify OWNCLOUD_TEMPORARY_PASSWORD_LOGIN_ENABLED to true to allow your users to invite other, unregistered users for a call. With this on false users need to have a Nextcloud account to join a call. If you enable it, generate a new random string and put it below, see the included instructions.Now save and close the file.cd /var/www/owncloud/apps/spreedme/extra/static/config
Go to the nextcloud spreedme app extra/static/config foldercp OwnCloudConfig.js.in OwnCloudConfig.js
Create the javascript config file
If you put Spreed.ME in /webrtc/ (as this manual assumes), you don’t need to make any other changes. If you put it in its own domain you have to edit the file and make sure you set OWNCLOUD_ORIGIN to your Nextcloud server.

That’s written in the readme

but not in the appstore