Spreed.ME Snap for any Nextcloud installation

This discussion is almost impossible to understand. The instructions are impossible to follow for the mere mortals (beginners). Could you, please, give an example answer every time you reply?

I have installed Ubuntu 18.10 server with some “nextcloud” option. It turned out to be a snap version 13 of nextcloud. Nextcloud itself works right out of the box. But when i install spreed application within nextcloud web application, it does not work out of the box (as does not work smbclient). It says that it needs something like webrtc. I have installed spreed-webrtc-snap, but it did not help. Spreed.ME still does not work. The instruction for it is not possible to understand. No container names, no paths, no filenames.

Here is can demostrate how exactly this article is impossible to use for the non-developers:

What is vhost? A file? Where it is located? What is its filename? On the host OS, or in some snap? what snap?
Where is reverse proxy? is it another file? In what snap (or on the host?)? Where is it located (filename)?
What is “Apache” title? A file? What is its name? Where it is located? Where to put this text block, is there a recommended position in the file?

The explicit commands like in the " Configure the [Spreed.ME]" section would be much appreciated.
Thank you

can you elaborate whether this applies to a snap installation of Nextcloud on any Linux host or just the snap installation on a device able for purchase called “Nextcloud Box”

EDIT: the summary of the preedme snap at least indicates it was made for the nextcloud snap

$: snap info spreedme
Spreed.ME audio/video calls and conferences feature for the Nextcloud Snap

Also, do I understand correctly that you have to run Nextcloud AND the spreedme snap simultaneously. I am very new here but on a NC 13 (from the snap) there is an app named talk which seems to be a chat only by itself.

I am not really clear whether talk is related to spreedme, or a standalone thing. Or is it maybe just the core of spreedme and you still have to connect to the external spreedme snap as described here to get all functionality (voice, video, screensharing) out of it?

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