Spreed.me Docker Image with Nextcloud

The actual command line won’t work, because you need to import some directories to the docker image.
I am assuming, you are running the image on the same host, than your nextcloud instance.

After you finished the configuration from the documentation: https://nextcloud.com/webrtc/
you have to alter the following settings:

server.conf of the spreed.me server:

listen =

First for debugging I recommend you start the dockerimage with:

docker run --rm --name my-spreed-webrtc -p -p -v /srv/extra:/srv/extra -v /var/log/spreed:/var/log/spreed -v /var/www/nextcloud/apps/spreedme/extra:/var/www/nextcloud/apps/spreedme/extra -i -t spreed/webrtc -c /srv/extra/server.conf

where /var/www/nextcloud/ has to be altered to your own nextcloud installation.
/srv/extra has to be altered to the path to your own config file.

If you are running this image in a VM, you don’t have enough entropy in /dev/random, so it won’t generate a keyfile.
You can workaround that with another shell, where you run:
rngd -f -r /dev/urandom

After your server works fine, you can startup your image with:
docker run -t -d --name my-spreed-webrtc -p -p -v /srv/extra:/srv/extra -v /var/log/spreed:/var/log/spreed -v /var/www/nextcloud/apps/spreedme/extra:/var/www/nextcloud/apps/spreedme/extra -i -t spreed/webrtc -c /srv/extra/server.conf

if you want to put it into the background/demonize it.
You can’t run more images parallel so if you run it in the background an need to reload it entirely
you can do that with docker rm <id> after you stopped it.