Sponsoring - S3 Interface as WebDav alternative

Hi folks,
due to a commercial application we like to create a S3 API frontend available as open source made as a plugin. We discussed this with our nextcloud specialist partner in Asia. The speed bottleneck of webdav commes from internal nextcloud meta data updates, not from webdav (sable/dav) itself. Therefore it is much more easier to make a S3 → Webdav wrapper. At the end you should be able to Access the nextcloud files via a S3 connection and can down/upload, remove, rename files etc.

Currently we estimate the cost for basic functionality of the development. We are locking for interested parties, sponsoring this development with 100-2000$ each.

We would be happy you like to join this project.
Send us an email to s3sponsoring@pointcab-software.com with your sponsoring amound and you contact data.

Best regards,