Splunk app for Nextcloud - not all data is retrieved

Hello community,

I’m posting here though Splunk app for Nextcloud is not really a Nextcloud app…
I apologize in advance if this is not the appropriate section for this post, and will modify it if needed.

I’m testing the Splunk ap for Nextcloud, i.e. i installed a Splunk enterprise server, and a Splunk universal forwarder (my nextcloud instance and the server are on different hosts).
Looks like it’s working, and I do collect data from my Nextcloud instance, however not all categories of data.

Short list of what IS collected : sucessful and failed logins, number of files and folders operations, files and folders activity, most of the “security” data.

Short list of what is NOT collected and not displayed in the Splunk web pages : mainly some usage data : Users (active and defined), shares and storage (number of files, free disk space…), hardware, and a few others.

I would welcome ideas about what is left to configure, or what i’m doing wrong about the setup…

Thanks in advance!

It is 1 year ago since this was posted, is it still not working? If not and you would like to get it working, I can help.

I have almost the same issue, not the same the list of what is collected and what is not, but the same issue!
I would like to have some help here!