Split up HTML from DATA

Dear Community,
I recently installed Nextcloud 21.0.2 with docker. I am running a RAID 10 4TB config and a SSD 240GB. The RAID is mounted at /SATA/data and empty while the SSD is holding my OS (Ubuntu 20). I wanted to have all the Nextcloud html files on the SSD while he only uses the RAID partition to store the data. Could someone help me out how to configure this?

The Vault

I think you can mount /path/to/nextcloud/data to your RAID.
Ok this is not only the user data.

I think the nextcloud structure can be optimized. Look in data-folder.
But i think because of portability to older nextcloud versions it is not possible to change it.

Okay, I think a hardware RAID10 should be fast enough then, so I will just avoid the hassle. Thank you devnull!

I guess everything is possible if willing to use symbolic links. But you gotta keep things tight and assess each major update to catch any eventual filestructure changes so you can be ready to upgrade without breaking your install. However there is a Nextcloud config in config.php which allows you to specifiy a path for user data files. However this path will not include core files.
But why would you like to have the HTML and frontend files on fast disc? I can understand the Database layer, but with caching anything static can be stored in memory - even much PHP with OPcache?