Split one Nextcloud into two instances

Hey Folks,

right now iā€™m using one Nextcloud instance on my Raspberry at home.
It is reachable under cloud.foo.bar
Now i want to create a second Nextcloud instance to my root server.
The root server is reachable right now under cloud2.foo.bar

I want to move all users,calendars and data (except one folder) to the new cloud2. Then import the raspberry nextcloud via federated instance into the new one.

| New Nextcloud | ā€“ import Nextcloud --> | Old Nextcloud |
| cloud2.foo.bar | | cloud.foo.bar |

Will there be any conflicts if i just copy the database from the old nextcloud , then change the url and the data directory (and run occ -> reread files).

My thought was that there would be a conflict if Elements in the new database will have the same value/ids as Elements in the old database.