Split Nextcloud data to multiple servers

Having Nextcloud on a VPS gives you the benefits of low maintenance and high reliability. Having Nextcloud on a local server gives the benefits of cheap storage.

I want to combine the two.

So that:

I can login to the Nextcloud instance on the VPS that contains some ‘essential’ data that I want to be able to access all the time. I run my own Nextcloud instance locally with a big storage. The storage of this local-Nextcloud is accessible from the VPS-Nextcloud. If the local-Nextcloud temporary loses connection I can still access the VPS-Nextcloud.

It would be even better if I can choose per folder on what instance they are stored.

Any ideas on how I could to this / how people call a setup like this (so that I can look for information myself)?

Thanks in advance,


With federation this shouldn’t be that difficult. I’d set this up as follows:

  • set up both systems to successfully run Nextcloud
  • you could use the same login credentials or different ones, just as you prefer (I’d pick different ones)
  • on each server add the other one as trusted server in the sharing section of the admin settings
  • share the relevant (all) folders from your local server with your VPS server via username@localserver.domain.tld (federated sharing)
  • if also intended you can share the folders the other way round as well (from VPS to local)
  • configure both accounts in your NC clients (probably your Desktop client); meaning add the other server as well
  • in the NC client configure the VPS account to sync the important folders and the local server account to sync all the other folders

That way the client automatically syncs your files and folders to the server you want. Furthermore when you access the VPS server, you can see all files (on the VPS server itself and on your local server) and when you upload a new file into your existing folders (while connected to VPS server) it will directly be stored on the desired server. Meaning, when you shared “not-important-folder” from the local server to the VPS server and while connected to the VPS server you upload a file to “not-important-folder” due to the federated sharing, that file will actually be stored on the local server.
I hope what I wrote makes sense to you :slight_smile:


Thanks, now I’ve got some starting points.