Specify aspect ratio of Talk (Nextcloud 15): 1280x720

Hi, using Nextcloud Talk on Linux desktop with Firefox 63/Chrome 72; the webcam has a widescreen aspect ratio (1280x720) but the self-window and on the peer’s desktop the aspect ratio seems to be 4:3. When the peer goes fullscreen the video is indeed pillarbox-ed.

Is there a way to tell Talk the resolution (and/or aspect ratio) to use?

In a simple desktop webcam app like cheese the 1280x720 is selectable.


Hi, I have exact the same problem. I try to use my camcorder and it works. But the aspect ratio is still 4:3. How can I change it?
Thanks for any help

Same problem here.(version 21.02) I am using OBS to switch between cam and desktop and applications. Talk prevents me for using that, because important parts can’t be seen.

Please add an option, where you can send the original video source aspect ratio.

Issue for tracking: