Special Forum Section "Beta Tests"

I want to have

  • An extra section in the forum for all beta tests.
  • Only accessible for members of new group “Betatesters”? - I don’t know.
  • Sub sections for all apps, moderated by app developers

This because I’m just doing some tests and have to communicate with the developers with messages.

With a betatester forum I made good experiences with the project StealthNet, years ago.

moved to meta.

Opinions? @jospoortvliet @JasonBayton

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Do you want to have an exclusive area with restricted access? This is not community-like and unnecessary, imho.

Community members should not have to ask to participate in the development of an app.
The existing app categories are suitable for this. Only a mod function for the developers would be useful as an extension.

No. I’m just thinking about that. It could also be open for all. Perhaps read-only or something like that.

I would like to have a discussion on that point.

Beta testers should be invited by the developers to participate.

In think: You cannot open a betatester forum for all. Because this would be horrible for the developers!

They have to choose their beta testers for their own!

The thing is the developers aren’t necessarily regularly active here whilst they are always on GitHub.

We’re not being awkward always asking to log GH issues, it’s simply the quickest, easiest method for getting an issue in front of dev, and tracking those conversations efficiently.

Adding a beta category as it stands at the moment will offer nothing more than creating a beta topic in the current client categories.

Enthusiastic testers are welcome on GH where they get direct access to the devs pushing the changes and asking for feedback. I think it’s easier and proven to be better that way.

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Is there a way to open a “Beta testers forum” for all apps on GitHub?

Or similar like that?

And: I’m not a developer. I only test changes! - Nevertheless I’m also present on GitHub.

What exactly is your problem? Are there cases where you don’t know which repository to chose for questions / bug reports?


I asked for a specific forum for app beta tester.

Where developer can ask for support for their betas and can exchange their experiencies with other beta testes.

Currently this is only done via e-mail or other ways. This way to test something with the community is not really “comminity-like”.

Okay, this was just an idea. I just got the feedback from the current app developers that they don’t want to change the way of beta testing.

So this request is obsolete - for now. But I see many improvements to enable such a forum sub channel.

BTW: It doesn’n make sense to post beta test results into normal forum.

Beta test have to be marked as “Beta-Test”.

Soll ich denn für jeden Beta-Bug einen Thread im GutHup aufmachen?

Sorry, lost the language:

Shoud I open a sepereate bug for an beta in GitHub when recoginized!?!?

yeah you should mention it if you find bugs that it is a beta. That helps the developers prioritize and stabilize the code.

Just tried to set a label by

  • editing an existing ticket
  • creating a new ticket

-> Could not set any label or create one.

Or what do you mean with “to mention”?

I think only people who can contribute are allowed to set labels or edit other posts. So you can just add another post in the end.

If you submit a bug report, you should mention the version of the app you are using, NC version, … so that the developer can reproduce this bug.