Spanish translation issues

I recently encountered some Spanish localization bugs affecting usability, so I joined the Spanish team in Transifex just to fix these few. I suspected some other existing bugs might have caused my entire Nextcloud installation to break a couple of times, so I went ahead, downloaded the core TMX and applied some QA checks to it. These showed many issues with code, though I am not sure to what extent they are related to my installation crashes; now I only use the English version just in case.

A less severe problem is formal and informal treatment alternating throughout the Spanish translation, as well as other linguistic issues that should be fixed to improve Nextcloud experience, especially for new users.

I can only apply fixes to Transifex untranslated/not revised strings. What is the best way to go with this? Is there any Nextcloud Spanish translator forum, thread or person I could contact?

(I have also downloaded user documentation’s resources to start translating them, but I will open a new topic for this.)

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You can add your fixes as suggestions.

I am not aware of any forum.

Regarding persons you can contact these reviewers at Transifex.

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Your help is welcome!

Thanks, I tried to contact castillo96 as well as LukasReschke, the team’s coordinator, but I have gotten no response yet. The thing is Transifex does not allow for this kind of QA checks; looking for each string needing fixes and manually inserting a suggestion for each one would take me ages!

I already finished a couple core resources that were untranslated in Transifex by downloading XLIFF files, working offline and uploading my translated XLIFFs, so I was expecting I could do the same with previously translated ones. In case this is not possible, what is the best way to update just my own language files so that I can use my Nextcloud installation in Spanish again?

92, or? :slight_smile: How many days did you wait? Javier normally is answering.

Lukas is no more involved in the project. Will change this right now.

It is possible. You simply have not the necessary permissions.

Updating your installation is a totally different way and can only be done manually. Would not recommend this to you.

Transifex does allow a lot more, but not in our open source free plan.

So please contact Javier and point him to this discussion here.
I will support you.

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That’s me fixing typos! :sweat_smile:

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Has your issue being solved in the meantime?