Sound on everything nextcloud does


I’m using android nextcloud 3.17.0 on my Motorola G6 plus phone running android 9. Since yesterday it started to make sounds on everything nextcloud does. Any window that is displayed is one type of sound and a notification is another type of sound it seems. It seems limited to nextcloud only and I’ve looked to see if any android accessibility setting is enabled but none are.

The sounds happen regardless of do not disturb settings. If somebody knows what this could be I love to hear. As you can imagine it’s quite annoying.

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I’m having the same issue on my pixel 4a with 3.18.1
No setting seems to matter for this, and when I reinstalled the app I even got an alert sound on the login screen!

Have a look here:

Looks like this is caused by the NFC system, being triggered by NextCloud.

There should be a NFC enabled card somewhere near your phone.
Maybe in the back of the protective case?



  • If you don’t need NFC, disable it via Android settings.
  • OR remove the NFC card from your phone case.

Let’s hope NextCloud introduces a fix to disable the NFC feature or at least make this behavior transparent.

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Thanks a lot.

The sounds disappeared some time agoNot sure what I did, but maybe it was related to NFC. Not 100% that this was the actual problem as I doubt I had a NFC near all that time, but it’s the most likely explanation!

Anyway, I appreciate you taking the effort to reply here.