Sort files by "new to old" is overwritten by "name" after each login

Since update from 26.0.4 to 27.0.1 after each login my files are always sorted by “name” instead of last used sort by “new to old” (decending)

This happens for different users / accounts so seems to be a server “prob”.
When sorting files for the actual session by creation / upload date (“new to old”) this state resist until i logout and re-login.

Don’t find any default settings in my profile settings to set sorting parameters for files.

Any ideas or maybe the same behaviour?

It is a known issue: [Bug]: NC 27 sort by modifed not saving. · Issue #38758 · nextcloud/server · GitHub


Thanks for the hint. I only searched on for it.

Sorry :smiling_face:

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The problem is still there in 27.0.2.

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