Something very wrong with initial admin user

So after much dickering around I managed to get NC14 running under the docker app within OpenMediaVault 4.x. I followed Techno Dad LIfe’s youtube video for much of the install. For some reason my originally setup admin user has weird issues like any files I click on get 503 errors like this:

PDF.js v1.9.426 (build: 2558a58d)
Message: Unexpected server response (503) while retrieving PDF “”.

I was luckily able to add in another user with admin privledges and it seems fine as far as adding files/directories, deleting etc etc and adding more users/groups. It’s just crappy having that initial admin user being not quite right and I suspect as I configure this more and more (ie: get my letsencrypt cert working etc) it’s going to come back to bite me in the ass.

I ended up re-installing the mariadb/nextcloud dockers ( ones) and had no issues the next time around. Now I’m attempt to get letsencrypt working to make my nextcloud SSL then I’m good to go.