Something in SMB

Hi everybody
I wanted to know how to add the storage index to SMB in NextCloud that I can see how many of I have available and how much I currently use. As in Windows
Because it sucks constantly to see 0 used all the time
I hope I have explained myself properly
Nextcloud 13.4

To make sure I understand properly, let’s say I have a Nextcloud server, and have mounted a separate SMB file share into Nextcloud as External Storage.

In this situation, you want the web UI of Nextcloud to show how much of the SMB share is used/free? Is that the information you wish to see, and the UI location in which to see it?

Yes exactly. The same information I get in Windows Explorer

Hey anyone know how to make it work ??

Anyone know? Or managed to make it work?

Does anyone know how to add it? Did not he even come across it?

someone??? please

There’s someone here?

Somebody knows how to add it???