Someone is trying to log in

How to block it. I have this error for several days.
Probably because of these errors the application on macOS is not synchronizing.

Login fails means user cannot authenticate.
Please check user login.

I am logged in all the time.
Login attempts are from other random IP addresses

You wrote:

What do you mean with this sentence?

Sometimes this icon turns gray.
I went to the settings and noticed login attempts. That’s why I linked both things.

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Ok, I think both things are unrelated.

Is your cloud available for the public in the internet?

If so, you should consider using Brute-force settings - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud and Fail2ban - Wikipedia

You cannot avoid humans or robot (crawlers) to attack your Nextcloud instance.

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And it could hel if you store your cloud in a sub domain, like or something else…

When I setup the instante for the first time I learnt that =)

I am using duckdns. Apparently someone is attacking the domain through bruteforce.
Possible reason is that my nextcloud is not the latest version. I would love to update, but I have too much data on the disk (always updating anything on nextcloud breaks the whole thing). Such opensource charms. I’m already thinking about synology.

You do not give a lot of information away…

A lot of people is reporting updates without issues.
You could try and report the problems.
You could ask for advice and precautions before your update.
What you wrote is just preventing people in offering help…

I tried a few months ago. There is always a problem with nexcloud update. It cost me a lot of time, digging in logs, looking for a solution in google. It is not worth the time and my energy. Especially that I have never solved the problems.
I will not risk losing the data I have already uploaded there. Nextcloud is ok as a trivia or if you have a long time to fix issues. I have more interesting things to do on my computer.

Hey @czsz

I totally understand the frustration, if something “breaks” after an update and I’m sure everyone else does as well. Even as an IT guy, who’s job it is to solve technical issues, you don’t always have a lot of time to go through logs and search for a solution but that’s what it is and what we all have to deal with.

If you are having issues with Nextcloud after an update and for the sake of it, you cannot find a solution right away, don’t hesitate to post a question on here. Just provide the basics of information, such as operating system, Nextcloud version, webserver version, php version, maybe a copy of the nextcloud log and a short explanation of what you have done until the error appeared.

There are many good people out there, who may have encountered the same issue and found a solution which they are happy to share with other fellow users. That’s what makes open source such a good thing, there are millions of users who can help, instead of just a few people who get paid to provide support. (That’s just my point of view!)

As for your initial request, @rakekniven has listed some good options at post #6, which can help you minimise the risk of a breach.