Some way to include structure when sharing?

One of my usages for Nextcloud is to share pictures from different happenings and event with the friends I was there with, (and not anyone else). Of course for each event there is a new composition of people, so the use for “groups” is not an option here.

This works okay, but it will mess up each users root-folder, where they also might have other stuff, not very organized.

What I want is:
every users has a folder “multimedia_sharing” with subfolder “events”, but inside this folder every user should just se what is shared with them from this folder.

Can this be done? If not, is there any alternative solutions that might be to good use for me?

I think there is no possibility. I think it is the task of the recipient to sort the links.

Do you have create real users, guest users or do you share with email. I can not really recognize it from the screenshot.

I think if you use real Nextcloud users all is ok.
Another possibility is the app Guests.
Sharing with email is not a good idea and i think in your setting not possible.

These are all real users inside Nextcloud

Ok if you use real users and Group folders you can use the rights of “group folders” and you do not need additional sharing.

Looks like if I forget to add “admin” under advanced perimissions the first time I configure it for a folder it is lost forever without the option to recover it?

I think not. I think at least you can use the occ-command (link).

Hopefully you have shell access and occ. If not i would not run the whole thing at all.